The MOST Science Museum

The MOST Science Museum is one of the top places to visit if you find yourself in New York. With so many exhibits to see and explore, there is no better place to immerse yourself. From the Dino Zone to their new Digital Theater, you won’t run out of areas to spend countless hours at the museum. The museum is plenty of fun for both kids and adults alike.

Build Section:

There is a build section of the museum that will get you down and dirty with building with different blocks and bricks of all sizes and shapes. This can help kids learn more about engineering and architecture while spending time working with their hands.

Dino Zone

The Dino Zone of the museum is not to be missed. This exhibit will have you traveling back in time to the age of the dinosaurs. You will find lifelike dinosaurs recreated showcasing what paleontologists think they looked like back then. This will give you the chance to explore what planet Earth was like a whopping 65 million years ago.

Flight and Space

There is a flight and space section where you will be able to see the history of humankind’s attempts to figure out what space has to offer. The exhibit is full of history, information, and cool elements. For instance, the Link Flight Trainer was the trainer used to train pilots during WWII.

Earth Science Discovery Cave

The museum has plenty to see as it relates to Earth science. This discovery cave is full of useful, informative, and entertaining information about how the earth was formed, how climate change has impacted the environment, and more. It allows children to get hands-on with digging in the dirt for fossils and it features an augmented reality topographic sandbox.


This is something that everyone should check out. The energy section showcases how important energy conservation has become to the lifeline of our planet. It showcases how energy is formed, how long the world’s oil reserves will last, and more. There are interactive games to make learning all of this information fun.

Overall, the MOST museum is a must-see for anyone that is visiting New York. The museum is full of different things you can do that make it an incredible experience no matter what age you are. There is something for everyone at this museum. You’ll find plenty to discover, learn, and play with!