Dr. Chris understands that there are natural  feelings of skeptical optimism and not everyone is ready to schedule a DISCOVERY CALL or make their NEW PATIENT VISIT just yet. This is why we have the FREE 30 Day Wellness Program. This gives you an opportunity to have Dr. Chris walk you through 30 days of improved health and wellness through this email and video series. The changes can be profound and life changing. Just click on the link to get started today!

The Discovery Call is the first step in becoming a patient of Dr. Chris's. When you book this call on our online scheduler, you will be sent the intake paperwork, which is quite extensive if you have not already heard from a friend or family member. You will need to make sure it is filled out completely in advance so that Dr. Chris can read it over and have an educated conversation with you.

PLEASE NOTE: Dr. Chris does not participate with ANY Insurances. Most Insurances cover "Standard Of Care" and Dr. Chris provides Exceptional Care! If your health insurance covers basic chiropractic care, those adjustments can be done in 2 minutes and 100 other chiropractors in Central NY accept your insurance and will be more than happy to provide that level of care. Patients come to Dr. Chris because they are looking for much more than the standard 2 minute rack-em-and-crack-em stereotypical chiropractic office. Understanding this prior to scheduling a visit or Discovery Call will ensure everyone is on the same page and be more conducive to achieving the results you are looking for and be more respectful of everyones time.

The purpose of the call is to: 

  1. Answer Your questions and LISTEN with open ears!
  2. See if Dr. Chris feels as though he can provide the appropriate care to meet your needs.
  3. See if being a patient of Dr. Chris is a good fit for both sides and will be a win-win situation. 
  4. We will cover both doctor and patient expectations if this is going to be a fruitful professional relationship.
  5. If it looks like a good fit Dr. Chris will book you for your New Patient Visit, which will include through examination, any necessary lab testing ordered and potentially treatment, depending on individual needs and time available. 
  6. Dr. Chris prides himself on RESULTS. If there are "NO" Subjective or Objective improvements in 2 visits, Dr. Chris will not waste your time or your money. He will do his best to refer you to the best place for you to be to obtain the results you are looking for and on a professional level part ways and you will not become a patient of Dr. Chris. 
  7. When you DO see Objective and/or Subjective "improvements" (Improvement does not mean 100% resolution) in the first 2 visits, Dr. Chris will then put together what he feels is the optimal treatment plan to achieve the results and resolutions you are looking for and you will then make the decision to begin care or not.  There is no cookie cutter approach and your program will be tailored to your unique needs and concerns. 
  8. It is the expectation of Dr. Chris that you are so happy with your care and results that you share your progress with others. Some people feel more comfortable with written testimonials, some with videos and others tell everyone they know. The goal is to get you feeling so good that you WANT to share this with your friends and loved ones and help them to also get on the path to health and wellness!

There is too much detail for this program to put here. Click on the link  above to be redirected to more information about this program!


Our most popular program is designed for patients dealing with more significant chronic health challenges

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This program  combines functional medicine and neurology and is geared towards optimal brain health

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Living Proof

Our most comprehensive program specifically designed for those looking for a transformational experience

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Dr. Chris will recommend the program that best suits your needs, condition, and goals. 

The 6-Week Metabolic Reset Program is ONLY $850. (Average weight loss is 20-35 pounds)

The Metabolic Reset Program has been carefully curated to provide the most proven strategies. For the last 7 years, we've continued to refine our process and are proud to present the most comprehensive program available anywhere. 

Your Program Includes:

  1. A 60 Minute Comprehensive Metabolic Intake to review your personal health history
  2. 4 weekly accountability calls (15-30 minutes) (Mindset, lifestyle, overcoming obstacles)
  3. Daily Health Tips and Accountability in Private Facebook Group
  4. Personal Email Support
  5. Metabolic Support Supplement & Probiotic
  6. 1 bottle of Ganoderma Spores (Major software upgrade for your system!)
  7. Personal Food Scale
  8. 5-Minute Journal
  9. Metabolic Reset Recipe Book

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