Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist

When utilized correctly, this can be one of the most powerful resources in restoring your health. Firstly lets look at training in nutrition. In the medical filed doctors have specialties like cardiology and orthopedics. In the chiropractic field we have Diplomate status. Chiropractors can receive Diplomates in most all of the same specialties as medical doctors can. In our office Dr. Chris has 2 Diplomates in Nutrition and teaches doctors from all over the world the latest and greatest information about nutrition. Dr. Colleen also is one of our doctors in the office. She has her Masters in Nutrition.

So the first important thing to consider when speaking to someone about nutrition and diet, why not speak to one of our specialists?

Secondly, your best place to start would be to watch the video on this page. It summarizes most of what we would want you to know about nutrition. It is about a 2 hour seminar done by Dr. Chris and an introduction to the field of clinical nutrition. If you have time for that I would jump to the end of the page and watch that. If not, read through the rest of this page and make your way through the subtopics on the right of this page in your own time.


Like everything in the office, we don’t guess. We will do very specific testing to make sure you receive what you need. Nothing more and nothing less. Nutritional testing is just the same. We go through extensive testing to find out what your body and diet is lacking. We monitor countless biochemical and physiological metrics. We can track your progress every step of the way. If you want to know more about all of the testing we do in the office click on the link.

Whole Food Nutrition

This topic is huge and one of the reasons you would benefit most from watching the video below. Whole food nutrition basically means getting our nutrition from food. There is no better sources for the nutrients we need to run our bodies and to keep us healthy. No chemistry laboratory will ever be able to replace what mother nature can in our foods. Nutrients we have not even discovered or understand, how they all work synergistically, live enzymes etc. Nothing replaces the quality of live food.

Unfortunately, a lot of our food is devoid of the nutrition is should have from poor farming and crop rotation methods, to early harvesting so that food can ship over thousands of miles. This then requires some form of supplementation. In the video we discuss in depth why supplementation in the form of tableted foods and high quality herbs are the best options for replacing the vitamins and minerals you are not getting in your diet.


Many of the medication we use today come directly from herbs. Herbs can be just as powerful and sometime more powerful than the medications in helping you, without the negative side effects. The issue often comes down to quality. We need to make sure you are getting the right species of the plant, right part of the plant (roots, stems, bark, leaves, berries etc), has enough of the components to create a clinical change, and formulated into a liquid or tablet in a way as to not destroy the herbs and their components.

Any combination of one or all of these things can effect the clinical use of herbs you take. If you get what you are supposed to, as evidenced by endless amounts of research, you will absolutely see benefits. If however you buy a bottle at your local health food store and are not 100% certain of the criteria above, there is a high probability that you will not get the clinical help you were hoping for. usually its the wrong part of the plant, or just not strong enough to see the positive effects. We no with 100% accuracy that we have the right species of plant, the right parts are used, and in the exact clinical dosages of the active ingredients as proven in research to work. Its really that simple. Read more under the heading of herbs.


You can also read more about diets under that heading on the right of the page, however, keep in mind some very simple things. Almost every “DIET” out there has the same common theme underlaying them. If you can follow that, you are going to be moving in the right direction. In essence eat real food. If it is or was alive, grew somewhere, or had a mother, eat it. This boils down to meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds.

Stay away from the rest of the stuff that sits in a box or a bad on a shelf for weeks or months. From there you can get more specific about what you are trying to accomplish, but following this simple outline for food and diet will help most people with their nutritional needs.