Meet Our Doctors

Dr. Chris

    Growing up as a kid, my life revolved around playing basketball.  I’d play for hours every day. I’d spend Friday and Saturday nights dribbling in the garage for hours, and shooting thousands of shots.  I ate, slept and breathed basketball.  Since I kept my grades up, my family was very supportive of my athletic career which was very successful. 

    Basketball was all I wanted to do…..until my senior year in high school when I realized I wanted to become a doctor….an orthopedic surgeon at the time.  Although I still played basketball, my focus had changed.  I wanted to help others.  I wanted to be able to have the answers for people regarding their health.  So I still got up at 5:00 am for basketball training drills, traveled to games, practiced till I dropped, but basketball was now second.  Medicine had become first.

     My undergrad summers were spent taking courses and working in hospitals.  What struck me most was that if people took proper care of themselves, most could have avoided the hospital altogether.  I discovered that most people using drugs did not regain their health.  Eventually they needed more drugs and surgeries.  I wondered why doctors didn’t help people in other ways so that they would get really well and not have to be drug dependent, have their bodies cut, burned irradiated, and have to deal with all the side effects that come with these therapies. This realization brought new ideas to my attention.  I decided that I wanted to help people to avoid emergency rooms and intensive care units.  I wanted to give health and not just suppress symptoms. I wanted to have real relationships with my patients.  Maybe even have them invite me over for dinner. 

    In a twist of fate, I injured my back right before my college senior basketball season.  Traditional therapies didn’t help, but a chiropractic visit did help pretty quickly.  I always say things happen for a reason and at the right time. My experience with the chiropractor turned my ideas in a direction other than traditional medicine.  Fortunately, my admission to medical school had been held up, (fate?....luck?...destiny?) and I decided that becoming a chiropractor would help me attain my goals in regards to my patients’ health.

    I attended NY School of Chiropractic in Seneca Falls for the 5 year chiropractic program.  As strenuous as it was with 28 credit hour semesters, I loved it.  I also attended several seminars outside of school.  I followed some of the best minds and doctors in the country and around the world.  I would do anything or spend anything to be able to help my patients.  That is what matters most to me.  This is when I took the certification course for Applied Kinesiology, which I now help teach, and later became fully certified in Active Release Technique.  I have taken classes in Nimmo (a soft tissue technique, not the fish), and I attended countless seminars on nutrition and  nutritional response testing.  Not having been trained in the typical medical mentality I am open to all techniques and healing modalities available.  I chose to learn the ones I saw the most benefit from, both for myself and others. This is why I now teach doctors from all over the world.

    Having accomplished many of my academic goals, I am back to training again.  Not for basketball though.  I’m training for the IRONMAN. This race consists of a 2.5 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride, and then a 26.2 mile run.  In 2015 I actually competed in the Ironman World Championships. I have always been a big proponent of making my body function at its best and seeing just what it can accomplish.  This is what I can offer all my patients.  

I can help them through natural means and feeding the body properly to have a body that functions at its best every day and to restore them to vibrant and energetic health, and finally giving the body a fighting chance to properly heal itself.  This is what I consider real health insurance.  This is the most affordable health insurance there is. Don’t get sick in the first place.  With my knowledge and application of nutrition, I don’t worry about getting sick a couple times a year.  My hope is that all my patients will turn to me with all their health concerns.  I will help with what I can, and direct you through the proper channels to get the care you need if appropriate.

    My goals for my office are simple.  It all boils down to providing the best care I know how to give; to spending the time with my patients that they deserve; to providing true HEALTH care, not sickness care.  I want to help people take control of their health.