M6 Robotic Laser

The M6 Robotic Laser is the most advanced HEALING LASER in the world and is from the epicenter of healing lasers in Italy. The below chart shows the pain level on a visual analog scale (VAS) before and after 2 treatments with the M6 Laser and shows an 80% decrease in pain after 2 treatments. Keep in mind normal suggested treatments are 6 treatments for Acute injuries and 12-14 treatments for chronic conditions.

This chart shows the use of the M6 laser in an Orthopedic Surgeons office ONLY USING THE M6 Laser! 98% patient satisfaction! With over a 90% efficacy, you can spend more time enjoying the improved quality of life and results than hoping and praying for something that will finally offer you some real relief.  

Obviously we are not a wound care clinic, but this is just another amazing example of how powerful the healing effects are. When I spoke with the rep from the laser he said they had asked for before and after pics like this for wounds to heal using the laser only and they received thousands of them.

If you look closely you can see just how much regeneration of the nerve took place using the M6 Laser. There was a time not long ago they thought you couldn't regenerate nerve tissue.