Green Lakes State Park

The Saphire blue waters of the two glacial lakes in the Green Lakes State Park in Fayetteville, New York are an irresistible lure for those who live in or near Syracuse and want to throw off the cares of the modern world and enjoy the soothing experience of being near water. The lakes of Park (which was established in 1928) are placid and calm and the waters are crystal clear, the ideal spots for some exceptional nature photography. For avid photographers, Fall is one of the best seasons to visit the Park as the colors of the surrounding foliage provide an incredible backdrop to the Lakes themselves.

In summer, swimming is, of course, one of the major attractions of the park and the presence of hundreds of parking spots and easy access to the beach and waters make it a great venue for a family day trip. There are also numerous opportunities to enjoy some fishing. The restrooms and showers add to the attraction.

Family and groups of friends may also enjoy Disc Golf at the Green Lakes State Park Disc Golf Course. A wonderful attraction for those who want to mix fun with some gentle exercise. The naturally stunning 18-hole golf course is also a tremendously popular attraction. 

Visitors can also rent a variety of sports equipment and watercraft at the Lake, with Kayak, rowboat, and paddle-boat rental being popular choices. Visitors wanting to enjoy a day on the water need to be aware that private watercraft are not permitted on the Lake. 

However, the park is not just for the enjoyment of day visitors, there are 142 campsites in the Park, with around half of them being supplied with electricity. For those that want to enjoy the comforts of home – and the opportunity to spend an extended time exploring the area the option of renting one of the seven cabins that are available is an attractive one. Pets are also welcome at the campsites – but should be supervised at all times. 

There are also a number of exceptional walking trails in the park, including the well-marked Green Lake Trail and Round Lake Trail. Biking is also a popular pastime.

Green Lakes has five pavilions available for rental. Prices range from $150 to as much as $600 depending on guest numbers and space –  and the various pavilions can accommodate between 40 and 100 people.

Green Lakes State Park is a great destination for families and groups. It not only boasts exceptional natural beauty but a variety of other attractions for both young and old.