Cutting Edge Therapy

We have one of the most advanced therapy rooms in the country. There is one singular focus for the technology and benefits from this cutting edge therapy room..... RESULTS!

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) - recharge your cells like recharging your phone. Speeds up healing significantly. There is a reason so many professional sports teams use this therapy.

Back On Trac - Decompression for your back

Knee On Trac - Decompression for your knees

Total Brain & Body O2 - Oxygen fuels every function in the body. Whether you need energy or recovering from a concussion, mild traumatic brain injury, poor circulation or peripheral neuropathy, this can be life changing.

M6 Robotic Laser - Italian made and the most powerful healing laser int he world

HakoMed - Want to regenerate nerves or eliminate your pain quickly, this is german engineering at its finest.

Any Many More!!!