Cold Laser (Avant)

Cold Laser Therapy Syracuse NY

Dr. Chris Montanaro utilizes protocols taught in Erchonia Laser training by the team doctor from Lance Armstrong’s Tour de France championships, Dr. Jeff Spencer, who has also treated Tiger Woods. In his book, “Every Second Counts,” Armstrong described the doctor as the most important man on the cycling team-the “guy who put them all back together.”

Laser therapy may be useful to you if you have any of the following:

• tendonitis
• frozen shoulder
• fractures
• post-operative wounds
• sprain-strains
• scar tissue
• autoimmune diseases
• chronic or acute pain
• wound healing
• arthritis
• migraines
• disc herniations
• minor nerve damage
• carpal tunnel syndrome
• heavy metal detoxification

For people with physical ailments or fears that require non invasive, low impact and comfortable therapy the Cold Laser is the answer you are looking for.