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As Dr. Chris is finishing his Nurse Practitioner degree he knows that he will be able to help the most people possible by accepting insurances for the first time in his 17 years in practice. In an effort to help as many patients as possible, Dr. Chris is making the transition now for the chiropractic side of the office. 

The new office system will allow Dr. Chris to electronically submit to most insurances now, as an out-of-network provider. Most applications have been filled out to participate, however it could be a 30-180 day process for approval to become participating. 

Most insurances cover the cost of the 2 minute adjustment. These appointments will still be scheduled for 15 minutes. Dr. Chris has no interest in the 2 minute visit. 

If you prefer the normal 30 minute visits he has been providing for 17 years now, there may be an additional fee for therapies and services provided not covered by insurances. The additional fee won't exceed what established patients are used to though. With the insurance covering the "adjustment portion" of the visit, your out of pocket expense may be much less than some patients are currently used to. There will be a learning curve for everyone at this point, but we are hoping it has a positive impact overall for the most numbers of patients. 


Most insurances do not cover "WELLNESS" visits. You have to actually have some sort of injury or pain we are focused on. If you are currently used to using a "WELLNESS APPROACH" to care, this is and always will remain available and will continue at the same price breakdown as we are all used to. 

Dr. Chris Montanaro DC, DIBAK, DCBCN

To SAVE TIMEE IN THE OFFICE: You can downloading that paperwork here: New Patient Paperwork

People ask me all the time why I did not participate insurances. My response: 

  1. Insurance largely cover the 2 minute adjustment. If that is what someone wants there are 100 other chiropractors around who do that. People come to see me because I take more time with my patients, and results often follow when you spend more time with a patient from my experience. But now there are even appointment times and pricing to make that practically irrelevent and we can work with you and your insurance benefits as well. 
  2. They are in the business of making money, not making you HEALTHY! I want that to be my sole focus!
  3. As long as you have out of network benefits, some or all of it can be covered in the long run anyway. We are working diligently to become in-network for many insurances though. 
  4. I will always try to get you the care you need and find a way to make it fit your budget! 
  5. Don't forget, HSA accounts etc can be used for any and all services in the office!

REFUND POLICY: For all new patient booking fees, there is No REFUND if you do not cancel/reschedule 24 hours prior to your appointment time. For all other appointments, if you do not give 24 hours notice you will be charged for the appointment. I do not have a waiting room full of people. I book my time to be one-on-one with you. It is not fair to me or other patients........... so be super courteous about this point and honoring the time scheduled. 

If there is any confusion at all, please contact me over text: 315- six-six-three-5045. Due to COVID, and recption, texting will be the fastest way to get a response if you have any issues that you can't use the online scheduler for.