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New 4 Tier System for New Patients and for existing:

New Patient Visits:

Tier 1: Economy pricing and time slots. Focus on your chief complaint, but keep appointment times to 30 minutes ($75)

Tier 2: Next level - 60 minutes ($175)

Tier 3 & 4: All the Bells & Whistles and for more complicated cases. 1.5 hours ($250)

Follow-up Appointments

Tier 1: Economy pricing and time slots. Focus on your chief complaint, but keep appointment times to 10 minutes. Cost is $35. This will be the most economical and make concerns about insurances and cost practically irrelevent. This would be a normal/average copay anyway. 

Tier 2: Next level of time spending 20 minutes ($60). Tech Therapies are an additional fee. 

Tier 3: Includes 30 minute appointment and includes all required therapies for the appointment time. $100

Tier 4: Includes 60 minute appointment and includes all required therapies for the appointment. $200

Dr. Chris Montanaro DC, DIBAK, DCBCN

To SAVE TIMEE IN THE OFFICE: You can downloading that paperwork here: New Patient Paperwork

People ask me all the time why I do not participate insurances. My response: 

  1. Insurance largely cover the 2 minute adjustment. If that is what someone wants there are 100 other chiropractors around who do that. People come to see me because I take more time with my patients, and results often follow when you spend more time with a patient from my experience. But now there are even appointment times and pricing to make the practically irrelevent. 
  2. They are in the business of making money, not making you HEALTHY! I want that to be my sole focus!
  3. Patient's also need to realize I can still give them a bill with all of the diagnostic and treatment codes on it and as long as they have out of network benefits, some or all of it can be covered in the long run anyway. 
  4. I will always try to get you the care you need and find a way to make it fit your budget! 
  5. Don't forget, HSA accounts etc can be used for any and all services in the office!

New patient visits are currently $250 for the 90 minute session and most normal followup sessions are 30 minutes and $100. We have expanded some more pricing options to fit all budgets. All treatment is tailored to your specific needs and additional therapies, program involvement, and time to get the results you need will be discussed on a one-on-one basis. I don't want finances to be the #1 obstacle to getting the help you need.  I do not want finances to keep you from getting the best possible care you can! I could not possibly write out what that is going to look like for each individual patient on the website. There are just too many factors involved to do that. You will likely be examined and maybe even treated 1-3 times to see your response to care. We will then sit down and fully discuss the program that best suits your needs.  

REFUND POLICY: For all new patient booking fees, there is No REFUND if you do not cancel/reschedule 24 hours prior to your appointment time. For all other appointments, if you do not give 24 hours notice you will be charged for the appointment. I do not have a waiting room full of people. I book my time to be one-on-one with you. It is not fair to me or other patients........... so be super courteous about this point and honoring the time scheduled. 

If there is any confusion at all, please contact me over text: 315- six-six-three-5045. Due to COVID, and recption, texting will be the fastest way to get a response if you have any issues that you can't use the online scheduler for.