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  • I'm looking for a primary care provider (PCP) who is able to bridge the gap between allopathic medicine and holistic medicine.
  • I'm looking forward to finding a PCP who will provide individualized attention to my needs and I never feel like a number.
  • I'm looking for PCP that provides option of care, provides pros and cons on each option, and then supports my decisions on what I feel is the best option for me and my family.
  • I'm looking for a PCP that I don't have to wait 6 months or more to even become a new patient.
  • I'm looking for a PCP that I don't have to wait in a waiting room for 30-60 minutes or more just to be seen.
  • I'm looking for a PCP that will be responsive to my questions and needs is a reasonable amount of time.
  • I'm looking for a PCP that will not only answer my questions, but also answer the questions I may not even know to ask.
  • I'm looking for a PCP who is actually taking new patients.
  • I'm looking for a PCP who actually listens and not in a race to run out the door as quickly as possible.

If any of this sounds like you on any level…… you are in the right place! You can book your new patient appointment online, OR……. text Dr. Chris directly. (three one five - six six three - five zero four five). Leaving a voicemail can lead to dozens of voicemails a day and they are not always easy to listen to and respond to as quickly as sending a brief text message.

Leave your name, cell, email, and date of birth, and a brief message on text and it's likely you will hear back within minutes to a few hours. If Dr. Chris is back to back with patients, you will absolutely receive a text back the same day directly from him and he will help you in any way possible and as quickly as possible. 

Call or schedule a FREE DISCOVERY call, to see if our office is a good fit for you and how we can help. We have a passion to help people, even when you think you've exhausted all your options. We always strive to find a solution that will meet your budget and still get RESULTS! For MAP and Contact Click here!

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  • Primary Care Provider Services
  • VIP Memberships - Received even higher individualized care and special discounts
  • Wellness & Lifestyle - Preventative Medicine
  • Weight Management: Natural &  Medical Weight Loss programs
  • Sleep Health
  • Athletic Performance
  • Sexual Health & Hormone Balancing (Men & Women)
  • Telemedicine options for your convenience
  • Platelet Rich Plasma injections (PRP)
  • IV Nutrition Therapy
  • Mental / Emotional / Spiritual Health - Wanting to address all of the stresses and anxieties life is throwing at you
  • Pain Management

Chiropractor Liverpool NY

Chiropractor Liverpool, NY

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Our Principles.... mixing the best of western and holistic medicine!

  1. Study everything we possibly can from the best healers in the world and make as many of those treatments and therapies available to our patients.
  2. Treat our family of patients with the same love, care and dedication we want available to our own families.
  3. Treat our family of patients naturally without drugs and surgery as their first line of defense for all of their healthcare needs.
We do not take this idea of “The Gold Standard,” lightly in our office

We understand that the lay population might not know the names of techniques like Active Release Technique. They also may not know the systems of treatment and diagnosis like Applied Kinesiology. In all professions, it is often well understood what the best of the best information is the gold standards by which everything else is compared to.

So if its so well understood, why would a professional provide less than The Gold Standard?

We would speculate it comes down to time and money. However, we never let time and money get in the way of providing this level of care for our patients. Many of the treatments, forms of diagnosis and knowledge we have in the office take a lot of time and money to learn. Also, when providing those services, they often take a lot of time to provide to you as well. For doctors who spend 30 seconds to 5 minutes with a patient, its just not possible to provide these more time consuming therapies and treatments. It doesn’t seem to make logical sense how someone could go to school for 8-15 years or more to become a doctor, and spend 2 minutes with each patient. At our office you can be rest assured that you will not have a 2 minute session like you would from so many offices. You can plan on the first visit being 60-90 minutes, and subsequent visits being 30 minutes or more, depending on the individual needs.

We take the opposite approach from what many Providers do.

We spend lots of time with out patients. We figure that if we keep you healthy, and help you recover from your health concerns as quickly as possible, then you will tell your friends and family the level of service that we provide. There are too many times to count, the number of patients who have come into the office after being told that drugs and surgery were their only answer. They are then often surprised how quickly their problems are resolved in the office without drugs and surgery.

We absolutely understand that drugs and surgery are necessary at times

And we work closely with many medical professionals to provide our patients with the best care. However, a lot of patients and health care professionals don’t know that less invasive and better options may be available. We hate hearing, “I WISH I KNEW THAT BEFORE SURGERY.”

That is where we come in.

We have made it our life passion to learn about as many of these treatment options as possible. We like to think outside the box. Sometimes we even think that the results we see in the office are too good to be true. Its partly what makes our jobs as healers so much fun. Helping people without drugs and surgery, often times not being able to be healed or helped by anyone else. Because of this, patients have traveled from all over the world to be treated in our office. The best part is, in almost all cases, the worst case scenario is that you leave the office healthier than when you came in. This is a far cry from the side effects of the alternative drugs and surgery approach so many people start with, because of a lack of knowledge about what ALL of their options are. The beauty now is that Dr. Chris will be able to provide individualized care and work with each patient's individual needs to combine both natural and prescription interventions when appropriate. 

If your doctor relies 100% on what they learned in school

Then there is no way they are up to date on the many options you may have available. Often they think that if they didn’t learn it in school, then it can’t be a valuable treatment option to learn more about. Hence, you often never hear anything about alternative options to the one they present you with. We will always make sure you know the details about a variety of your options and help you to make the best choices for yourself. We pride ourselves in sharing the information about the questions you should be asking and may not even know to ask.

Holistic + Primary Care 

Often, when seeing the name Chiropractor or the term Chiropractic, people put those doctors into a specific category of what they can and cannot help people with. We can now fully integrate traditional chiropractic care with Family Medicine. People lived for 1000’s of years without drugs and surgery. Many of those treatments are just as powerful as their alternatives today without the negative side effects. This is what we provide to our patients. Not some new FAD, but time tested traditional approaches to health, that many people have just forgotten works. Add this together with the latest and greatest information and technologies available along with traditional medical treatments, we can focus on results for our patient and even write a script when appropriate as well. Provide them with the care they need and not limit it to just what the doctor learned in school. Even if you don’t think there isn't any possible chance we can help you with your health concerns, we strongly urge you to pick our brains in a consultation about options we may know about even if we can’t provide them ourselves. We can at the very least make sure you get the right treatment with the right people. Often, we can provide healthy options to boost the effectiveness of what western medicine has to offer you to use in conjunction with  any other therapy options you choose are best for you.

Why We Get Sick And Hurt

One thing we have come to understand very clearly is that our bodies almost always have a reason for presenting the symptoms that they are. Usually most people look at these little red flags as annoying and something to get rid of. We think of them as a specific language of the body. These “Symptoms” are very specific clues that your body leaves the trained professional to pick up on, which often provides us with the best possible course of action to helping you. As you maneuver around the website you will see many instances of this. For now lets takes the topic of Nutrition. A patient may come in complaining about their hair, nails and skin. Maybe one or all of them. From a Western medicine perspective they may be given 3 or more medications for each issue. From a clinical nutrition perspective, this is a body severely lacking in basic nutrition. You body doesn’t care as much about your hair, nails, or skin, when it has limited nutritional resources. It preferentially will give the nutrition to your core organs sustaining your life. For a more thorough understanding of this language of the body and how we may look at very specific health concerns different than other specialists go to the Doctors tab above.

  • Is your doctor trying to mask or cover up your symptoms, or trying to find the root cause of the health issues you are having and then fixing the problem at the roots. More times than not we see patients who are taking medications that they fully expect to be taking forever. By definition this means that they are not healing anything. If they were inducing healing, then within days or weeks, months or even years they should be getting better and not need the medications. 

    This is not true though for many of the patients we see in the office. They get put on medications that mask or cover up symptoms, and most people never know enough to question this approach. They follow orders, because its what our society has taught them to do.
  • Do they regularly attend a “WIDE VARIETY” of continuing education seminars? If they only attend the same ones that are paid for by the pharmaceutical companies, then maybe they are limiting their ability to have their knowledge branch out into new directions.
  • Are they faculty or adjunct faculty of schools? Do they teach doctors around the country? Typically these doctors have to stay on top of their game.
  • How much time are they going to be spending with you?
  • Will they spend the time to answer your questions?
  • Will they give answers to questions you don’t even know to ask?

  • Please feel free to call the office to have questions answered that you might have, or use the appointment scheduler on the top right of the page to schedule a time to come in that is convenient for you.